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SDT is a complete IoT platform company, leading digital transformation with edge solutions for enterprises managing real-world
data. Synchronize data between developers, operators, and managers for securely connected devices providing on-device AI.

Whether you want to build your city safer, turn your manufacturing environment greener, or make your store supply chain smarter,
our team is here to walk you through the entire process so that you only need to focus on results.

SDT Solutions

We are proud to offer our innovative edge computing solutions across multiple industries.

  • Smart Manhole
    Our SDT Smart Hub solution reduces and mitigates risks to public and private properties from weather and accidents. The smart IoT sensor- based system, trusted and used by many local governments, reports environmental data from inside manholes to the cloud, where administrators have access to dashboard visualizations, for real-time safety and quality control.
  • Smart Asset Tracking
    Equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), 9-axis digital sensors and more, SDT Pinmark uses high-efficiency edge computing to track assets and mobility. The Pinmark provides data on assets and vehicles with up-to-date equipment health visualizations, asset tracking and identification, and equipment user management to reduce operational expenses.
  • Smart Factory
    SDT ECN, our most advanced industrial computer, and SDT NodeQ, a state-of-the-art industrial smart DAQ, enables edge computing in any factory. SDT's smart factory solution supports a wide range of industrial communication protocols and can be connected with production-level equipment for MLOps insights and increased operational efficiency with embedded sensors.
SDT Values

Capture a comprehensive view of your entire business operations tailored for Industry 4.0.

We make your data observable with the only platform that integrates the entire network of data sensing devices to produce intelligent results. SDT provides everything from hardware to development resources for the simplest experience. By offering best-in-class technologies along with industry-leading partners in our ecosystem, SDT is transforming the way enterprises conduct business.

  • Hardware Prioritized
    Existing products are not sufficient to meet today's growing demands for more data from the field, so we build our own customized hardware, from smart sensor systems to AI-supported SoMs and industrial PCs to immersion cooling.
  • Software Connected
    Streamline your operations with our protocol-agnostic SDT Cloud connecting all your legacy and new devices on our industrial IoT platform.
  • Cloud Expanded
    Harness the AI power of the cloud with the speed of the edge by managing all your data and digital workspaces online while allowing critical operations to run securely on-site. Get greater flexibility from your infrastructure with our various cloud options, from AWS to Azure to private datacenters.
Our Partners
SDT empowers you at any stage of your edge computing journey by partnering with industry leading hardware, cloud, technology, and service providers.
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