Smart Retail

On-device AI and machine vision is paving the way to a future of safe and connected retail ecosystems

Align your space around your customers

Make your stores future-proof with smart space technologies. Smart space planning increases the number of transactions per square foot. During the pandemic, companies that had the right technology partners were able to quickly respond to a whole new set of customer expectations. Touchless interactions, contactless payments, and curbside pickup are just a few examples of what edge computing, IoT, and AI have made possible for retailers overnight.

SDT provides retailers, customers, and employees the total experience that will make your retail store more connected, frictionless, and efficient.

Eliminate costly operations with SDT machine vision

Use vision recognition to detect when customers arrive at a cashierless store, to make checkouts faster, and to double check that your customers get the correct order. SDT is leading the food tech segment with these use cases.

Mitigate store liability

Identify and react to failures, theft, vandalism, and other threats to your store. Use SDT enabled employee access control or deploy SDT machine vision to monitor stock at all times in your store and provide updated records for resupply.

Provide a seamless customer experience

Ensure you and your customers are on the same wavelength by providing an integrated customer experience from the moment they enter until they arrive home. SDT smart cameras and LiDAR with SDT's edge computing capabilities let you draw insights from multiple points across your offline retail and connect real data with your online store.

Customer Stories

Greeted customers with a robot smile

Read more about how one food tech company was able to create an unmanned café system using a robot that recognized customers and greeted them with a smile.

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