Smart Manufacturing

Connect to all your equipment in the field and optimize your smart factory with SDT NodeQ and ECN computing

Transform your factory into a smart powerhouse by removing barriers to IoT technology from single vendor lock-ins

SDT provides the edge devices and infrastructure you need to automate your manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

Gartner predicts that the number of IoT devices will triple from 2020 to 2030, with the fastest growing segment in manufacturing. Furthermore, the quantity of data these devices will produce is expected to grow at an even faster rate due to larger data streams and increases in video resolution. However, the ecosystem in which these devices and data reside is too fragmented and complicated to support future data requirements.

Don't be limited by your asset and equipment supplier. Add every device you want to any manufacturing asset you have and manage all of them on a single platform. Get useful real-time insights for better business decisions that minimize downtime and increase the value of your business.

Use automation to maximize your production capacity

Accurately track and manage processes across your factory with through factory automation to increase plant uptime. Better managed resources and increased production efficiency allows you to obtain higher ESG standards critical to reputation and client bidding.

Reduce critical latency on spotty networks

SDT provides high-performance edge capability to reduce downtime, mitigate malicious attacks, and develop offline capability so that your factory can run even when disconnected.

Improve workplace safety

SDT's machine vision lets plant managers enable rapid responses to accidents by instantly alerting the right authorities. Embedded systems with on-device AI improves accident prevention strategies by learning dangerous situations and deploying preventive measures such as emergency shutdowns and alarms.

Customer Stories

Recorded and digitized warehoused materials locations

Read more about how this heavy manufacturing company was able to access a fully digitized metal materials map in their shipbuilding yard with computer vision.

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