Smart Building Management

Facilitate building sustainability and convenience with smart access and smart metering solutions

Make your properties safer and more sustainable

The pandemic upended the way people reside, work and travel. People enter and exit facilities at non-traditional hours, buildings run on reduced capacity, and energy usage patterns have changed dramatically. Consequently, building managers had to change the way they thought about operating their real estate; they could not simply dispatch another maintenance employee whenever a problem arose. Comprehensive remote management tools across all building systems have become more critical.

Property management has never been this easy. Give your tenants and building managers better experiences by allowing smart access control and visualizing smart retail spaces with our SDT platform.

Grant smart remote access

Strengthen building security and track access history without visiting your properties. Remotely and safely grant access to guests using SDT's smart access technology.

Put sustainability into practice with SDT Smart Metering

Save energy and practice sustainability by using SDT Smart Metering. You can share energy consumption data with tenants to incentivize using less water, electricity, or gas in your properties. Make it easy to reduce energy costs and add strong ESG value to all your properties.

Monitor building safety

SDT machine vision and IoT technologies protect your buildings from threats. Predictive analytics alert facility management before issues occur from hazards such as gas leakage or fire. Manage critical building systems remotely and feel secure in your facilities.

Customer Stories

Enabling keyless access to accommodations

Read more about how Dazayo was able to increase accessibility standards for hotels and tenant-less rentals with SDT access control.

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