Join our team of talented people to lead the future of edge computing with SDT

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Working with us
  • Resilience
    Embrace challenges and learn from trial and error as we work towards a future where the entire world can benefit with SDT.
  • Innovation
    From manholes to quantum computers, we pursue innovation by improving ourselves and challenging complacency with the existing framework.
  • Communication
    By acknowledging each other's differences we can realize our vision of connecting 1 trillion devices.
This is our culture.
  • Mutual Respect
    Respect the tastes of others, accept diversity and acknowledge that differences are what make us greater.
  • Question Everything
    We freely communicate based on the value of “There are no useless opinions.”
  • Work Together
    Communication builds trust, and trust creates an environment that benefits both individuals and SDT as we rely on each other.
Workplace Benefits
  • Work&Life Balance
    • Complete Flex time - Start and end the day when you want
    • Birthday Vacation
  • Health
    • Annual Comprehensive Health Checkup Support
    • Lounge & Massage Chair
  • Family
    • Parental Leave
    • Family Care Leave
  • Growth
    • Work Anniversary Bonus
    • Excellent Employee Award Bonus
    • Flexible Standing Motion Desk
    • Employee-specified Laptop Provided
  • Other Welfare
    • Daily Lunch Provided
    • Small Monthly Naver Pay Incentive
    • Holiday Gift
    • Marriage and Bereavement Gift
    • Welcome Meal
    • Talent Recommendation Incentive
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